Islamic Center and Friends

How was your week? Mine was good. I had a good week. There were some things that came up that threw me for a loop but I think overall it was a good week.
I had some health issues, but I am better now. I think I am in the middle of an awakening that I need to improve my health. I need to lose weight and get off my butt and do it! I have spent the past 12 years of my life trying to lose weight, and I can’t spend all my life doing this. I need to do it once and for all and move on. Inshallah I will this time. I am doing Weight Watchers and it is a good plan so far and weight is coming off. I also enjoy exercising and I am making it a priority in my life now which is helping.
I went to a function at my Islamic center on Friday and it was so nice to meet my friends and to laugh and have some fun with good Muslim women! I have met so many Muslim women who are vindictive, evil and nasty. So it was a nice change to meet people who are genuinely happy to see me and want to know about me and meet me. I thank God I met these ladies and I hope to continue to have them in my life.
We pray, we eat and we seem to have honest intentions. I have not had a fight with any of these ladies and I think it is because they are of the same mindset. We all have the same intentions. I was sitting in the room with them all and I felt blessed to be there and blessed to know them. I feel peace while with them and non of the thoughts of being inadequate or of trying to please. I love our center it is so multicultural, so diverse and really the heart of our community. I am trying to get more and more involved and to help out more. I have joined commiittees there and I love working with the sisters there. It is a great group!


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