Health Scare!

I mean to update and write something for this blog and I get so busy! Have to schedule some time everyday I think.
Well, Dh is back! He was overseas for a month or so and he is back! I am so happy, and it seems when he went we couldn’t stand each other! We were fighting all the time. It seems the time away from each other has calmed us both down and we have a fresh start! So it is going great having him at home.
However, I got sick! I got a weird pain in my foot, went to the doctor and found out I have gout! I thought old people only got gout! I had to google what it is! Anyway, I got medications and was high as a kite for a couple of days. I realized I can’t be on medication, I have to control it by diet and the reason I got it was due to a high protein diet I was doing for weight loss. So now I can’t eat high protein, I have to balance the diet! So now I am afraid I will gain weight! This sucks. How do I lose the weight and stay healthy. Why is it so hard? Why can’t I lose weight easily?


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