Monthly Archives: February 2012

What can I say

What can I say! as you knwo my SIL lives with us with her kids, she has slowly brainwashed her kids to hate me and my husband!
recently they are just loving her brother, they go there all the time, talk to him all the time. Her son just quit his job so he can go and work for him. and they didn’t even tell me till it happened. I don’t mind that as much as I mind the fact they think they are better than me and they are smarter than me and that they know more and they are making me look like a fool. that is what pisses me off the most. I, who helped you settle in this country, who helped you get jobs, who looked after you when your mother was not here. I am now your enemy? really?
So now it is tax time, I normally do mine and do theirs too. but really why should I? I am not talked to, I am not liked but I should file taxes of them? really? her older daughter is a real bitch and she asked me if I would file for them and I said now. OMG! since then they have all been sulking? really? after you start thinking of me as your enemy and start thinking of me as somebody who doesn’t event deserve your respect or time. why would you want my help? I know it is like cutting my nose off to spite my face, but I am sick of these people and their games. tomorrow my SIL has to put my kids on the bus, if she doesn’t I will tell her she has to move out by the end of the day! I am sick of them thinking they can treat me like crap and that they can get away with it.
I want my house back and my life back and I want these people out of my house!