A lot of changes going on! my DH is in his home country. The main reason he went is to help his parents. He is one of three sons. He is expected to help his parents in their old age. The oldest son has looked after the parents for the past 3 years. His wife is now here living with us. She won’t go back to look after her husband and her inlaws. Even though her inlaws are related to her! She cant leave her kids to live with us even though they are all over 20yrs old! I was that age when I left my home and moved across the world to live with my husband.
Anyway, wife of the middle son, lives in the home country, but she wont look after them either! she is younger, a lot younger and my BIL got married to he about a year ago and it is his second marriage. She wont look after them either.
Now when my inlaws were able they lived with me and DH, they loved living with us and looked after our kids and loved it. Now they are sick and old and nobody will look after them! I cant beleive it, I was not brought up this way to leave them and ignore them and not look after tham. I feel like everybody is just waiting for them to die!. They have two daughters, but it is not their job to look after them, the sons are meant to look after them.
My MIL is a very touch person, she kills the servants and is never happy with them. She never lets them last! it is very hard. I am praying we can fgure something out and get them some help.
I know the answer would be that I go, I probably would if I could, but I cant live there, I have never lived there and I have a very bad allergy that I could easily die there due to the lack of medical care. DH would not let me go there even if I wanted to. but why should I? why do I have to make the sacrifice everytime? why do me and DH have to look after them, becasue we have the compassion, we cant let them live and die with no help. I cant let that happen. So please pray it works out and we find a solution.


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