Work Update

One of the main reasons I don’t post as often as I do is because I found a job! I am so thankful to Allah for this job! It is a great job, good people and nice people and good company and I am doing exactly what I am good at and what I love to do. I applied for this job in June and then took about 2 months to get into for an interview. I also got another job that started sooner, so I took the job and accepted this one too. I worked there for 2 weeks but it was a 50mile trip one way to get there and 50 miles to get back. That was too much, the pay was about 2-3 dollar difference. So I decided to take the one that was closer and only a 10 mile commute one way. I am so glad I took this job!
I work with good, nice people, the team is fun and a lot of laughter and joking while we work. Also the best part is I have the best boss ever! I also have the option in the winter to work form home, I have the laptop. So that will be nice to do.
I started getting paid and I got my hair done, unfortunately I can’t wear hijab at work, but I do only wear pants, only wear long sleeve or make it long sleeve with some long sleeve tops under the short sleeve tops. I feel sad that I cant wear the scarf, but I have never see anybody wearing a scarf, it is not the normal thing here yet. This is very unfortunate. However, I do still wear it in my personal life. I get the looks and I sometimes feel like why do I bother, but it is me and it is my religion and I am not going to give it up for people who don’t like it. Some might say why I don’t wear it to work, but I thought long and hard about this and it is a necessary sacrifice I have to make for the greater good of feeding my kids and paying the bills. Inshallah there will be a day I can wear the scarf without any looks.


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