am currently doing the Medifast Diet. I have been on is since Dec 1st and so far have lost 10lbs! I think that is a good loss for a month where it is hard to diet and to stay away from the candy and cakes!
The diet is 5 meal replacements and one meal lean and green. It is a good diet and I have had success on it in 2010, I lost about 30lbs on it and then had to stop because I couldn’t afford it and I slowly gained it all back. I am an emotional eater; I eat when stressed, upset, angry and even happy! Since I have started work I consider it my one splurge and I started again on it. I think I am doing well on it, I have a cafeteria here and it makes it a lot easier and painless ! I can chug water at my desk and I get my gallon of water in for the day! There is a coach this time and I am in touch with her. She has asked me to tell her my weight each week and then we can troubleshoot! That is scary! I cant imagine telling anybody my weight. But I think it will be a good thing to do. My work is actually offering Weight Watchers to employees next month and I might try that later in the year, once I get about 50lbs off this way, I can then switch to that. Anyway, taking it one day at a time and inshallah I will lose the weight soon.


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