Peoples Attitude

Wow!, I cant believe people sometimes. We have family living with us and they often go out, eat out and make pland without inviting us. So today my husbnd decided to take us out and we were out for the whole day. We came back and the family is all giving us the silent treatment!! I cant believe their thinking, when they went out, the would shove it in our faces, so why so upset that we went out?. We have no right?
They will complain when we dont talk to them, but we cant complain if they dont talk to us! So much double standard!! Then one of them posts a post on their facebook saying they cant believe how some people change. Well they all changed when they decided they hated me and didnt want anything to do with me.
The new year has started and there is a lot of change coming the major one will be us moving into our own place and I cant wait!!


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