At Home!

Well the last time I was one, the agency was checking if the company needed me or not. Well the contacted one of the people who was my boss there and told her I was leaving they decide they didn’t want me there anymore. just till the end of the day.
So I went to everybody there and told them I was sorry the agency told them first and that I wanted to tell them first. They were all fine with it and happy for me, except the one lady boss. she was pissed! she wouldn’t talk to me, she wouldn’t open her door, she kept it closed the whole time! wow! glad I found out what she is really like!
So I spent Friday at home and went to Jummah it was so nice to go back and I fell like I am being refilled up with deen when I go. The khutbah was relevant and very well done.
This week I am home with the kids, we went Halloween costume shopping, another post in itself!


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