Whats going on now?

Well I just told them I was leaving the job and i got a nother job.
I have been working here for about 1 1/2 weeks now and it was nice. I liked the people, the work was slow, they didnt really give me a lot to do. sometimes I sat there doing nothing and pretending to look busy!
The office is cushy though! there are free coffees, gourmet food in the cafateria. IM all the staff instead of walking over to them, your ID badge can carry cash on it too. but all that was good, but not good enough to do a 1hr commute each way.
It is hard! to travel this much, I miss my kids so much, I want to be at home as soon as they come home from school and I am not and it kills me. But I know the other job I will get there sooner than the time I am getting there at now.
The kids hated it at first, but now they are used to me comigng home so late. But then there is a rush to get everything done before bed time.
DS1 has been going off track by taking advantage of me not being there and I am trying to get him back online.
I am excited to start the new job, i think i will be more busy and I really like the peopel there, I talk to them already even though i have not started there.
I ahve told the agency i am ready to leave, but i can stay a week if they need me and i am waiting to see what they say.


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