What to do??

Okay an update to the job situation.
I received and accepted a job from company#1, it is in the field I was before and supporting directors. The pay is good, but I am a contractor and I am working for an agency. I don’t get any benefits and I don’t get paid time off. This company interviewed me and offered me a job within a week. I start there next week. It is about 50miles away.
However, at the the same time as interviewing for this company, since June really I applied at another company, it is a different field, but supporting VP’s. They did phone interviews and then in person interviews and now they told me they will be offering me the job. The commute is 10miles or less for this one, I would be an employee with paid time off and benefits.
So I am stuck what do I do company 2 knows I am starting next week and company 1 has no idea what is happening behind the scenes. Do I start with company1 and then after one week and tell them I got a better offer, do I not even start with company 1 and wait for company2 and then if they don’t give me the job, lose both!
I want to be honest and not be greedy too. I want whats best for my family and kids, and a shorter commute will be more time spent with my kids.
Allah please guide me the right way……


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