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At Home!

Well the last time I was one, the agency was checking if the company needed me or not. Well the contacted one of the people who was my boss there and told her I was leaving they decide they didn’t want me there anymore. just till the end of the day.
So I went to everybody there and told them I was sorry the agency told them first and that I wanted to tell them first. They were all fine with it and happy for me, except the one lady boss. she was pissed! she wouldn’t talk to me, she wouldn’t open her door, she kept it closed the whole time! wow! glad I found out what she is really like!
So I spent Friday at home and went to Jummah it was so nice to go back and I fell like I am being refilled up with deen when I go. The khutbah was relevant and very well done.
This week I am home with the kids, we went Halloween costume shopping, another post in itself!


Whats going on now?

Well I just told them I was leaving the job and i got a nother job.
I have been working here for about 1 1/2 weeks now and it was nice. I liked the people, the work was slow, they didnt really give me a lot to do. sometimes I sat there doing nothing and pretending to look busy!
The office is cushy though! there are free coffees, gourmet food in the cafateria. IM all the staff instead of walking over to them, your ID badge can carry cash on it too. but all that was good, but not good enough to do a 1hr commute each way.
It is hard! to travel this much, I miss my kids so much, I want to be at home as soon as they come home from school and I am not and it kills me. But I know the other job I will get there sooner than the time I am getting there at now.
The kids hated it at first, but now they are used to me comigng home so late. But then there is a rush to get everything done before bed time.
DS1 has been going off track by taking advantage of me not being there and I am trying to get him back online.
I am excited to start the new job, i think i will be more busy and I really like the peopel there, I talk to them already even though i have not started there.
I ahve told the agency i am ready to leave, but i can stay a week if they need me and i am waiting to see what they say.


Hi all!
I have been really add and not updated in ages! The reason why is I have started a job! I go two offers and I decided to start one and wait for the other one to do all their background checks. Then I will move over to the other one.
This job is about an hour away, I get the kids ready as I can and then I go, and then I get home about 6pm, which sucks! I hate not being home for my kids and when they get off the bus. Most days we are doing okay, we get homework done; dinner, then spelling test practice and then get ready for bed, usually conked out by 10pm!!
The days we have tuition, I have to rush in and rush out again to take the kids there and then come back for a late dinner.
As for the hijab, it is gone, I haven’t put it on for work, I feel very guilty but I can’t wear it here. I would not have got the job if I had worn it. No way. I know how much the American world can handle and it can’t handle a Muslim lady with a scarf on her head. Since I have started working I have not seen a single one! It is sad and once I am home and need to go out then I put it back on. I also try to dress as modestly as possible.
As for work it is nice to be at work, to get my mind to work. I really can’t wait till I get to the other job. I feel so bad I will be leaving soon, but I have so many pros to getting the other job, one being that I will be about 10 miles from home, kids and their school. Right now I am 50 miles away, too far for anything to go wrong.
But this place is niiiice! Very nice, very cushy! A funny thing happened; I went to the cafeteria yesterday, from the menu it looked like a very nice place. A lot of options to eat healthy. So I added money onto my card and went it, was a bit nervous but I went anyway, got my food, a quiche, yogurt, vitamin water and then two snack bars for later. I went to pay and the cost of this food was more than I put on the card!! Wow!! Expensive! So today I am going to the local deli/bagel shop! And eating there! People are constantly walking around, come in get coffee, work, go take lunch, work then more coffee and walking around and then go home! Cushy!! I’ll take it while I can, will give notice next week and see if they want me to stay or leave, but not till I get a confirmed offer from the other place.

What to do??

Okay an update to the job situation.
I received and accepted a job from company#1, it is in the field I was before and supporting directors. The pay is good, but I am a contractor and I am working for an agency. I don’t get any benefits and I don’t get paid time off. This company interviewed me and offered me a job within a week. I start there next week. It is about 50miles away.
However, at the the same time as interviewing for this company, since June really I applied at another company, it is a different field, but supporting VP’s. They did phone interviews and then in person interviews and now they told me they will be offering me the job. The commute is 10miles or less for this one, I would be an employee with paid time off and benefits.
So I am stuck what do I do company 2 knows I am starting next week and company 1 has no idea what is happening behind the scenes. Do I start with company1 and then after one week and tell them I got a better offer, do I not even start with company 1 and wait for company2 and then if they don’t give me the job, lose both!
I want to be honest and not be greedy too. I want whats best for my family and kids, and a shorter commute will be more time spent with my kids.
Allah please guide me the right way……