Job update

As you may know I have been applying for jobs left and right! I really need to get a job and there was one I applied for about a week go that I was called in for an interview. Well the company is a pharmaceutical company, I am from that field so it was perfect, the company is big too, but 1hr drive away!!! That was really the only con, the people were nice the job is good, pay is good. So I went to the interview and I think I swept them off their feet.

There was another job too, I was called in for an interview there after the other one, this is in another field and industry. I was very excited about this too since I had 2 phone interviews and now I was meeting with two people. I met with 5 people in the end and was there for about 2-3 hours!! his company was great too, nice people, nice atmosphere in the company.

So yesterday the first company offered me a job!!! yay!!! I was so happy, the pay is higher than I expected! and they want me to start after next week!. However, I really want the other job!! I wanted that other job sooo bad!. So I emailed them to tell them I got another offer and I need to know where I stand with them. That was yesterday and no response so far. Now I am waiting to see if they will let me know they want me or not.

The people I spoke to I hooked up with on websites and they said they were excited to work with me, so I am optimistic this is also a job for me, but they have to let me know. I told them I need to know by Monday, so far no reply!! and I hate waiting!

So please pray I get the second interviewed job, but thanks for the prayers in making the other job offer happen. I am happy i have that too. It is a very nice place and a job which there can be promotion in too.


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