Muslim Day!

SO after the negative post I posted last time here is a nice, happy post! On Friday we went to the Muslim Day at Six Flags, We had planned to go last year and we never did so this year I was determined to go. So we booked the tickets online and went bright and early. It opened at 10am and we were there at 10.30am, and I am glad we were. We went inside and headed straight for the big rides, the ones you have to wait hours for in line. Today we waited about 2 minutes!

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out but it was not too hot. There were people dressed in thobes, abaya’s, Burkas, indian dress, saris, jeans and whatever else comes to mind. The feeling in the park was like the park was only open for our family! there was no rush till after Jummah, but it was still nothing compared to a normal day there.

We prayed Jummah there, it was amazing to hear the azan there and then the Khutbah, there were hundreds of people praying together and it was beautiful. I was so proud to be a muslim and so happy to be there.

We spent the whole day riding rides, watched a dolphin show, ate halal food, the food part was amazing. Normally we have to eat pizza or fries, everything else is off limits. This day we ate philly cheese steak, gyro, fried chicken, chapli kabab! We didnt have to ask if it was halal.

There were bazaars open selling Islamic books, clothes, art work. I bought some hijab pins I was looking everywhere for.

We managed to leave at about 9pm, the park closed at 10pm! it was a great day and inshallah we will go next year too. if they book it on Eid it will be amazing. The kids had an amazing time and enjoyed it so much. We weren’t looked at, pointed at or made to feel embarrassed by our religion. We were proud to be with our fellow Muslims and proud to be Muslim.


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