Okay, so as you know I am getting ready for an interview, I was actually ironing the clothes I was going to wear. My cell phone rang and I answered it. It was the hiring lady from the company I was interviewing with. She basically told me the interview was cancelled and the person who was interviewing me has had a death in the family, and was out of the office!

I cant believe this happened! I cant believe they cancelled on me! I could have cried! I was so upset!

I am starting to self doubt myself, am I really good enough, can I really get a job? Why dont I have a job already?

It is very depressing to not be able to get a job, I am really sad and upset now, who knows when these people will call back. I had so much pinned on this interview. I was hoping it would stall our bankruptcy, the bankruptcy we cant even afford to start!

On top of it all, I am on a diet with low carbs, so I cant eat chips, cookies or chocolate and I want it so bad!

I am praying, I am praying so bad! but I think my prayers are falling on deaf ears, God are you listening?


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