New Shoes

W went shoe shopping today! I know it is late and we should be long done by now and we were. I took the kids in the beginning of August and we bought everything, clothes, bags, school supplies and shoes.

Then school started and DS2 complained about his shoes! His toes hurts and he wouldn’t wear them, I took him to a special shoe store once and they told me he had wide feet, so I thought that might be the cause. I cant make him wear shoes that doesn’t fit, even though the are brand new!

So we went to the mall today and made it to the specialty kids shoe store, there are kids running around all over the place! it was crazy! I thought I would miss the craziness by going there early 11am, but it was packed!

Finally got a lady to help us and she measured DS2, he has normal width feet, but his shoe size is 11 1/2!!!! are you kidding me! He grew a size and half in about 1 month! crazy!. So we grabbed the new pair and ran out of there before the kids drove us mad!  No wonder his feet hurt he was wearing a size 10 to school! I feel so bad!


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