9/11 Thoughts

I am trying to figure out what to write! I have ideas, usually when I am about to sleep and then I forget them.

9/11, is something that is on my mind. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at work and DH was working in Westchester, NY. I remember hearing about a plane going into the tower and we all thought it was some accident and how can you not miss such a big building? Then heard of another tower being hit! This was not an accident, I was scared and I was wondering what the heck was going on! We didn’t have web service at work, the news websites crashed with so many people wanting to find out what was happening. I was trying to call my husband and he wasn’t picking up, I knew he was far away from WTC, but he was in NY and I wasn’t sure what would happen next.

I remember nobody worked that day, we were all surrounding the radio or trying to go online to find out what was happening, then hearing about a plane in the pentagon and a plane in the field in Pennsylvania. Oh God! what is happening! It wes a shocking day, a sad day and very scary day.

I remember going to pick up my DS1 and I just want to get him and hold him and make sure he is okay, in some ways I am glad he was too young to know what happened because how can I explain what happened? How can I say that Islam justifies this, when we all know this is plain terrorism and murder.

I remember the silence in the sky’s living near NYC the sky’s are full of planes coming and going. On 9/11 the sky’s were empty, the planes were all grounded and the sky was so empty and lonely and scary!

My mom came to visit once in 2005 and we took her to the WTC for sightseeing and we stood in front of it and took pictures, I wanted to go all the way to the top and she wouldn’t, she said it was too high! but she loved it! We stood right next to them and looked up and you had to bent backwards to see all the way to the very top. The skyline was amazing with the WTC there and no with them not there it doesn’t look like NYC anymore. Every year they use lights to make the WTC appear in lights and it looks amazing and very sad to see what we are missing.

I pray for all those innocent people who died for no reason, I pray for our safety and pray nothing like this ever happens again. I pray these evil people will see what they are doing in the name of my beautiful religion is wrong and not what Islam is about. I pray those peole who did this get the punishment they deserve.



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