Off to School!

Kids are gone! I know I am being mean and selfish, but I need some me time! I have spent the last 3 months with the kids for nearly 24hrs a day! I need some time to myself too! I just got them ready and put them on the bus, DS2 was so excited! he is going to school full time now, so he will be back with DS1 at 3pm. I have the cell phone charged in case I get a call for him, maybe he is tired or he gets scared and wants to call me, but I think he should be fine.

Now I have me time, I am about to go jump on the elliptical for some time, shower, go to the library and read a book in the peace and quiet of my home!

3pm the kids will come home and 3.30pm they have online koran classes. I thought of changing them to the weekend only, but if the tutor can be on at 3.30pm then I will do it to keep them both on track to finish soon!. They are doing so well and I highly recommend the company we are using, it is US based but they do serve Canada and Europe and they are reasonable fees too. Here is their link  


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