Two days till the kids go back to school! I am so happy! I think I am happier than they are!

Over the summer they have been going to sleep 10pm, since it was summer and nowhere to go int he morning. Then in Ramadan the more they slept the easier my day!.

So now I have to get it back to 9pm, we have been sleeping 9.30pm for the past two days and tonight and tomorrow night it will be back to 9pm. They dont want to and dont agree with me, but sleep is very important. Especially this year since DS2 is going to school for the whole day. He is excited, but I know it will be a long day for him. So I am worried he will get tired midday. I am sure he will be fine.

I am happy I have some time to myself, I have to get back to working out and it will be nice to do it without interruptions! I have an elliptical that I use and my youngest will play and I work out, but still I cant watch TV while I work out and when he is done playing I have to be done too!

Inshallah the job front is improving. I have had two interviews for the same position on the phone. On Tuesday I should find out when they want me to go in for an interview. They called me to tell me that they want me to come in next week, just need to finalize when. I need to buy a suit if they ask me, a new handbag, mine is pretty beat up! probably a cheap one but nice and shiny! Please pray I get a job, we are heading towards bankruptcy and foreclosure and with me getting this job we can head that off and pay our bills and move on. Please pray for me!!!


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