I am back!

I am back! we had no power for 4 days and it was tough! We spent three nights at home and one at a hotel. The kids stayed with family the last two days, and we are finally all home today!

I just went grocery shopping and refilled the fridge! I am so happy to be home, and to have power, it is amazing how dependent we are on electric. I had my phone and kept in touch with the outside world, but the kids went nuts without their computers, Xbox and playstations!

Eid was crazy too, we stayed in a hotel the night before Eid so we could at least iron our clothes and take showers before we go to eid prayers. Then we checked out and went to the Islamic center. it was so nice to be able to pray and be with all the other Muslims on this happy day. W e then made a stop at dunkin donuts and then went home. We still had no power, but we had propane for the stove, so we cooked! we cooked enough for one meal and all the family sat down and ate. it was nice to be with everybody and nice to eat together.

Now we have to get back to eating during the day, which seems weird after such a long time and for me I have to start eating more healthy so I can lose some weight. Ramadan was like a detox and I need to stay with the clean eating more than I did before. I have to start working out too, Inshallah.


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