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Job update

As you may know I have been applying for jobs left and right! I really need to get a job and there was one I applied for about a week go that I was called in for an interview. Well the company is a pharmaceutical company, I am from that field so it was perfect, the company is big too, but 1hr drive away!!! That was really the only con, the people were nice the job is good, pay is good. So I went to the interview and I think I swept them off their feet.

There was another job too, I was called in for an interview there after the other one, this is in another field and industry. I was very excited about this too since I had 2 phone interviews and now I was meeting with two people. I met with 5 people in the end and was there for about 2-3 hours!! his company was great too, nice people, nice atmosphere in the company.

So yesterday the first company offered me a job!!! yay!!! I was so happy, the pay is higher than I expected! and they want me to start after next week!. However, I really want the other job!! I wanted that other job sooo bad!. So I emailed them to tell them I got another offer and I need to know where I stand with them. That was yesterday and no response so far. Now I am waiting to see if they will let me know they want me or not.

The people I spoke to I hooked up with on websites and they said they were excited to work with me, so I am optimistic this is also a job for me, but they have to let me know. I told them I need to know by Monday, so far no reply!! and I hate waiting!

So please pray I get the second interviewed job, but thanks for the prayers in making the other job offer happen. I am happy i have that too. It is a very nice place and a job which there can be promotion in too.



Went to an interview yesterday. It was about a 1hr drive and I left about 1 1/2 hours earlier. The drive was not too bad, I missed the worst accident of the day and cruised down clear highways! I stuck to the way I know and got there with plenty of time.

Met with three people that were very nice, they asked great questions and I believe I did well. I left the interview feeling great! I feel the company and position is a good fit.

I have another interview tomorrow, this place is a lot closer to home and also seems a good fit. So inshallah the right position will come to me. Everything happens for a reason and I just have to be patient and wait for the right job to come.


Whats new?

I haven’t written a post in a couple of days, not because I am so busy, but I am just living. Nothing amazing is happening, just staying home, cleaning, cooking, reading, watching TV and being a mom to kids. Doesn’t sound¬† like the most demanding job in the world and I belevie it is easier as the kids get older and thank god mine are!

On the job front I did a phone interview with a agency and they said they have a couple of openings for me, so we will see if anything pans out. The interview the will never happen, might happen! the hiring manager called me and asked me to be available next week some time for an interview! I am excited, but I have to remain realistic and not get too excited since I am an optimist I tend to go to far in my imagination and then when I don’t get what I want I get very upset. I am not going to the interview like I don’t care, but I will go with the intention that it could go either way and it is not so bad if I don’t get it. However, I am going to try to blow their socks off! The hiring manager is very, very nice and assumes I have so many jobs lined up and I am too busy to interview, little does she know!

I am getting to the point where I am starting to doubt myself. I am asking myself questions like was I really a good employee or not? was I really worth hiring and working with. Did I do a good job? If I am such a good person at what I do then why don’t I have a job? why am I still unemployed?

Inshallah Allah will help me and the right job will fall in my lap and till then I have to be optimistic and trust in Allah and have faith!

Muslim Day!

SO after the negative post I posted last time here is a nice, happy post! On Friday we went to the Muslim Day at Six Flags, We had planned to go last year and we never did so this year I was determined to go. So we booked the tickets online and went bright and early. It opened at 10am and we were there at 10.30am, and I am glad we were. We went inside and headed straight for the big rides, the ones you have to wait hours for in line. Today we waited about 2 minutes!

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out but it was not too hot. There were people dressed in thobes, abaya’s, Burkas, indian dress, saris, jeans and whatever else comes to mind. The feeling in the park was like the park was only open for our family! there was no rush till after Jummah, but it was still nothing compared to a normal day there.

We prayed Jummah there, it was amazing to hear the azan there and then the Khutbah, there were hundreds of people praying together and it was beautiful. I was so proud to be a muslim and so happy to be there.

We spent the whole day riding rides, watched a dolphin show, ate halal food, the food part was amazing. Normally we have to eat pizza or fries, everything else is off limits. This day we ate philly cheese steak, gyro, fried chicken, chapli kabab! We didnt have to ask if it was halal.

There were bazaars open selling Islamic books, clothes, art work. I bought some hijab pins I was looking everywhere for.

We managed to leave at about 9pm, the park closed at 10pm! it was a great day and inshallah we will go next year too. if they book it on Eid it will be amazing. The kids had an amazing time and enjoyed it so much. We weren’t looked at, pointed at or made to feel embarrassed by our religion. We were proud to be with our fellow Muslims and proud to be Muslim.


Okay, so as you know I am getting ready for an interview, I was actually ironing the clothes I was going to wear. My cell phone rang and I answered it. It was the hiring lady from the company I was interviewing with. She basically told me the interview was cancelled and the person who was interviewing me has had a death in the family, and was out of the office!

I cant believe this happened! I cant believe they cancelled on me! I could have cried! I was so upset!

I am starting to self doubt myself, am I really good enough, can I really get a job? Why dont I have a job already?

It is very depressing to not be able to get a job, I am really sad and upset now, who knows when these people will call back. I had so much pinned on this interview. I was hoping it would stall our bankruptcy, the bankruptcy we cant even afford to start!

On top of it all, I am on a diet with low carbs, so I cant eat chips, cookies or chocolate and I want it so bad!

I am praying, I am praying so bad! but I think my prayers are falling on deaf ears, God are you listening?


Preparing for an interview.

I went yesterday to Macys and bought a pant suit and a really nice blue shirt to go under it. I have an interview at 8.30am Thursday. I am so nervous. I am also excited I am really positive about this compnay and position.

I have had two phone interviews for this position already and this is the in-person interview now. I really need to sell myself on this interview.  One person I spoke to said it is dress first, personality second and what you know third. I think she is right and I have to nail it this time.

The last interview I had was a long commute I didn’t really want the position, it was an hour drive one way! this position is about 20 minutes away!

Please pray I get this, I need to get this job, for my marriage, financial and mental sake!


Lost my Voice!

As the title says I lost my voice! I cant believe this has happened again!

I lost my voice about 2yrs ago, I got a cold and it just went straight to my throat and I got laryngitis and couldn’t talk for about 3-4 days. Well this time I had a runny nose and sore throat. I didn’t think much of it but I was taking cough medicine. Then yesterday my voice started to go!

The kids are so happy! they cant hear me yelling at them and of course my husband is happy too!

I wouldn’t have been bothered much but I cant talk on the phone if I get any call this week for phone interviews of in person interviews! that will be a pain! Please pray I get better soon!