Hurricane Irene

We are bracing for a storm! or at least everybody in the house is and I am not!

I am an optimist, I am optimistic that the storm will not be a hurricane but only a tropical storm, I am optimistic the storm will not kill us and ruin our houses either!. Meanwhile the other members of my house are going crazy buying flashlights, batteries, gas for the car, water!and even sand bags!

I am praying to Allah to keep us safe and I believe he will. It is in his hands and I am not worried, I got the biggest guy around behind me!

On another note, we went to the Islamic center last night for the lailatul al qadr, the 27th Ramadan. It was something my son wanted to do and I was happy to oblige. I did have to drag myself there since I was so tired. He has heard in the Jummah Khutba that praying tonight was equal to 83years of prayer, so he wanted me to take him and I did. I knew that if I did not take him today he might not go there again.

So we went to the center for Isha prayer and we were told by one of the ladies to go to the women’s room with little kids since my 6yr old was with me, I told them he doesn’t make any noise he just sits and plays or he prays with me. After arguing for 10 minutes she finally agreed and I was able to go into the are where most of the women pray. I cant believe how much ladies talk! it was a gossip fest in there! couldn’t even here the imam’s voice! I ended up staying for 4 rakats and then DS1 was tired and we came home. It was very nice to pray with all the other Muslims, I really felt my ummah with me. I didn’t feel tired at all once I was praying. I have to go more often next year inshallah.


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