Wow! what a migraine!

It paralyzed me, I couldn’t do anything from about 2pm till Iftar time when I finally got to take some Tylenol. I just spent the day laying in bed and couldnt move. Then to kill myself more I watched a marathon of Top Chef Dessert! OMG! those desserts looked soo good!

I delegated the Iftar cooking to others and they knew I never get sick so when I do they know it is serious. They cooked everything and did a good job. I ate a little bit, since I feel nauseous when I have a migraine and then I ate some more a couple of hours after.

This morning I was fine, took two Tylenol this morning just in case.

Kids got their teacher assignments from the school today, DS1 is happy with his teacher and DS2’s teacher we have never had before. Her name is difficult to say, so we had to practice that for a while!

We are now ready for school, I am so ready for school! I need to start working out and I need the few hours of peace and quiet! Now DS2 is going to school all day instead for 3hours a day he went last year so more time to myself! I cant wait!


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