Getting Lazy

Sorry guys I should be posting more, but I am getting lazy with it. I am busy though. As much as this blog is about being a mom in suburbia it is becoming more about bankruptcy!

I am in touch with a lawyer and I am getting all the paperwork together to file by next month. I am really happy we are doing this. I feel so de-stressed. I have been taken advantage of by family members for such a long time that I am not sick of it and I am glad they have to stand on their own too feet too. I am not helping them anymore and they will realize how hard it is to live in NJ.

We decided what to get DS1 for him keeping all his fasts this month, he only missed one mashallah! we are getting him a prepaid phone. I didnt want to get it for him. i wanted to wait till he was in middle school. But DH decided it would be good for him. I know he will lose it in a  week or two, but that will make him learn to be more responsible!

Getting tired of fasting, I know I should now say that, but it is true! It is hard to get up and it is hard to eat in the morning! Inshallah last 10 days to go, the most important days.



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