Sorry guys I haven’t posted in a while. Things are going crazy!  My husband and I have some major decisions to make and we are trying to make them and see what the consequences of those are.

On the job front, I was meant to hear back from the interview I went on last week, I emailed them and they told me I will know something tomorrow. I hate waiting and this wait is killing me! so much depends on whether I get this job or not. My Kohls job sucks, the people are great and everything, the job is good, but the hours suck. I need more hours than they are giving me. I need 40 hours and they give me 10-15 a week. So I have started re looking for a job and I think I am getting a job at Dunkin Donut. I am kind of upset that this is another menial job, but the lady guaranteed 40 hours, so it is better than the Kohls.

So now you know why this interview I went on last week is so important. I need to get this job, I need the money!

Fasting is going by so fast, we are in the last half of Ramadan! time flies when we think all year about how Ramadan is coming and then when it comes it goes by so quickly!


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