Humility… the opposite of pride I guess? well I sure had pride.

I was working this morning at a department store from 6-10am. I was helping unload a truck of goods, taking them out of the box and putting them on hangers, putting security sensors on them and stuff like that. Then while I was working I can hear spanish music since I am working with non English speaking spanish women.  They were all nice and friendly, but I cant understand them and they cant understand me.

So while I am working I am thinking, since I cant talk to anybody! I am wondering this is where I am now? this is where I ended up? To understand this we have to go back 2 years….

I was an Executive Assistant to a Vice President in a company, I had a company issued blackberry and a laptop. I wore heels, suits and loved my job! I worked hard and I made decent money too. I really was proud of my job, maybe too proud. After working in this job for 2 years I was laid off, I liked staying home with the kids, but it was not like when I was working, I wanted that fulfillment, than accomplishment. I couldn’t get that at home.

Now I am applying for the same kid of job and I cant get it, I want to get back to that job but it is so hard! I loved that job, really loved that job. I was proud of that job, see the pride showing again!

Well, back to today, I realized I am now not proud anymore. I am just a regular person and I thought I was better than most people because of my job and I was not. Working in warehouses of stores and with non english speaking people has really brought me down to reality.

I prayed and pray everyday for a new job and the only jobs Allah helped me get are the minimum wage jobs. Maybe there is a lesson to all that is happening to me, maybe I should have been less proud and Allah is teaching me humility…..


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