I feel better today. I am a natural optimist and I see the sun shining and I see my kids healthy, happy and I feel I am so much better than most of the people in this world.

I did go to the interview, I am sad and sorry to say I did not wear the hijab to this interview. I have been wearing the hijab about a year now and I have loved wearing it. I haven’t received any negative comments since I started wearing it. However that was till I started interviewing for a job. OMG! it was so hard, so hard to be professional when the other person is just looking at me, not just looking but “looking”. You know what I mean. And I truly believe jobs i qualified for I didn’t get because the interviewer was worried how I would fit in to the office there.

I have two retail jobs that I wear hijab to and they never had a problem with me wearing the hijab from the first day.

So now I went to an interview with no hijab on and I haven’t heard anything back yet, they told me to wait till Monday latest, then to remind them. So keep praying for me, Inshallah something will work out.


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