Pray for me


I am really ina funk today, I am very depressed. We are going through some hard times and it is very tough to stay happy all the time. I try to make this blog sound happy and that I have a perfect life, but I dont. I really dont want to go into details, I like the veil of anonimity I have here and I know you dont know who I am. I feel I can be honest and open here.

The kids are fine, ramadan is going great, I am still looking for a job and I ahve an interview today, so please say a prayer for that. I am in a funk about money, the same old problem that I think at this time is in the forefront of all americans.

I feel like we are at a cross road in our life and we need to start making some decisions for my husband and me. We need to start looking out for our kids and not just helping others get ahead. I know I will be the villain here, I know I will be hated by all the family and all the people who we have helped. Well, I am ready for that I need the peace of mind and I dont have it and I need to have a secure financial future for my kids, and I dont have that either.

I have people in my family who don’t want to make any sacrifices, who are getting a free ride and not taking on their responsibilities and it is about time they stepped up and took the responsibility for themselves. They are making money, saving money and doing what they want and not helpling anybody who they have a right to help.

Maybe I am being selfish and I really don’t like to be selfish, but I have to do this.

Anyway, I probably freaked you all out now! I am an optimist and I will get through this and I know my Allah is with me and will always be with me and will always keep me on the right path. He makes everything happen for a reason, most of the time we don’t know what that reason is either.

Just send a prayer up to the big guy for me for these problems and for the job interview I have today.



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