A week done!

One week of Ramadan is done already! how are you doing? I am doing well, after the third day my body got used to the fasting and I really didn’t feel anything! I don’t think I should say it but it was easy!

I did have one bad day where I ended up with a migraine. I am a migraine sufferer. I get them if I don’t get enough sleep and if I sleep too much! So I have to be very careful about when I sleep and wake up. I have done okay so far just controlling these factors and don’t have to take medication for them. But when I get one it can really reduce me to a bubbling mess! I want to just hide and go into a dark room and crawl into bed for hours.

DS1 has so far kept all fasts except one! I am so proud of him, considering he is 10! I told him I would give him a dollar a day for each fast he keeps, but I think I might have to do more than that!

We have ran out of Somosas! I have to make some more today! DS1 loves them and the ones I make are small, not cocktail size but not the huge ones you can get at stores either. So I have to make some more today. DS1 likes samosas and DS2 likes pakoras, I switch days to make either item and there is usually one person upset his choice didn’t get made that day!


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