Sorry sisters! (or brothers if you are there!) I was busy yesterday and wasn’t able to post anything.

Yesterday I think my body finally got used to the fasting, I had no headache, no stomachache and didn’t feel tired at all. I felt great actually! I went to work, I finally got a part time job at a department store (better than nothing). I went there and worked and didn’t feel hungry or tired at all. The time flew by while i was working, I think because I was so busy I wasn’t watching the clock.

I wanted to tell you about a website I follow, it is called 30mosques.com and it is great!. The whole idea behind the website/blog is there are two men who are traveling through America visiting a different mosque everyday, mostly in different states and showing us how Muslims live and celebrate Ramadan there. Their last post was about being in Alaska, it never occurred to me there are Muslims in Alaska, well apparently there is a pretty good community there. one of the fascinating issues in Alaska was  of how the Muslims there calculate when to fast due to the sun never going down was discussed. I never knew about that!


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