Monthly Archives: August 2011

No power

We have no power, have to boil water and kids are making ma crazy!!. We survived the hurricane, the power went out at 5am Saturday. We havent got it back yet!
We have Eid tomorrow and we cant shower or iron our clothes or anything!
Please pray things improve soon. We fasted all month and we wanted to celebrate Eid and its pretty tough to celebrate in these conditions.


Hurricane Irene

We are bracing for a storm! or at least everybody in the house is and I am not!

I am an optimist, I am optimistic that the storm will not be a hurricane but only a tropical storm, I am optimistic the storm will not kill us and ruin our houses either!. Meanwhile the other members of my house are going crazy buying flashlights, batteries, gas for the car, water!and even sand bags!

I am praying to Allah to keep us safe and I believe he will. It is in his hands and I am not worried, I got the biggest guy around behind me!

On another note, we went to the Islamic center last night for the lailatul al qadr, the 27th Ramadan. It was something my son wanted to do and I was happy to oblige. I did have to drag myself there since I was so tired. He has heard in the Jummah Khutba that praying tonight was equal to 83years of prayer, so he wanted me to take him and I did. I knew that if I did not take him today he might not go there again.

So we went to the center for Isha prayer and we were told by one of the ladies to go to the women’s room with little kids since my 6yr old was with me, I told them he doesn’t make any noise he just sits and plays or he prays with me. After arguing for 10 minutes she finally agreed and I was able to go into the are where most of the women pray. I cant believe how much ladies talk! it was a gossip fest in there! couldn’t even here the imam’s voice! I ended up staying for 4 rakats and then DS1 was tired and we came home. It was very nice to pray with all the other Muslims, I really felt my ummah with me. I didn’t feel tired at all once I was praying. I have to go more often next year inshallah.

Last Jummah In Ramadan

The last Jummah in Ramadan. There are probably hundreds of posts about the meaning of this day and the best way to observe it. We are all going to pray Jummah at the local Islamic center today.

I cant beleive the month went by so fast, as soon as we got used to fasting it is finshing. Who knows what  and where we will be the next time ramadan comes around.

I pray Allah give me the rewards of this ramadan, this jummah and these last days.

I pray he gives me the good health and life to be able to see the next Ramadan Inshallah.

I pray for all the muslims in this world and all those who have gone from it too.

I pray that by next ramadan there is peace in the muslim world.



Wow! what a migraine!

It paralyzed me, I couldn’t do anything from about 2pm till Iftar time when I finally got to take some Tylenol. I just spent the day laying in bed and couldnt move. Then to kill myself more I watched a marathon of Top Chef Dessert! OMG! those desserts looked soo good!

I delegated the Iftar cooking to others and they knew I never get sick so when I do they know it is serious. They cooked everything and did a good job. I ate a little bit, since I feel nauseous when I have a migraine and then I ate some more a couple of hours after.

This morning I was fine, took two Tylenol this morning just in case.

Kids got their teacher assignments from the school today, DS1 is happy with his teacher and DS2’s teacher we have never had before. Her name is difficult to say, so we had to practice that for a while!

We are now ready for school, I am so ready for school! I need to start working out and I need the few hours of peace and quiet! Now DS2 is going to school all day instead for 3hours a day he went last year so more time to myself! I cant wait!


Cant function today. I have a migraine, tends to come when my sleep is messed up. During ramadan it is definetly messed up! I am taking it easy, the only way it will go away is to sleep tonight.
I am craving junk food so bad and I am sick of cooking food!! I want chocolate and ice cream!

Getting Lazy

Sorry guys I should be posting more, but I am getting lazy with it. I am busy though. As much as this blog is about being a mom in suburbia it is becoming more about bankruptcy!

I am in touch with a lawyer and I am getting all the paperwork together to file by next month. I am really happy we are doing this. I feel so de-stressed. I have been taken advantage of by family members for such a long time that I am not sick of it and I am glad they have to stand on their own too feet too. I am not helping them anymore and they will realize how hard it is to live in NJ.

We decided what to get DS1 for him keeping all his fasts this month, he only missed one mashallah! we are getting him a prepaid phone. I didnt want to get it for him. i wanted to wait till he was in middle school. But DH decided it would be good for him. I know he will lose it in a  week or two, but that will make him learn to be more responsible!

Getting tired of fasting, I know I should now say that, but it is true! It is hard to get up and it is hard to eat in the morning! Inshallah last 10 days to go, the most important days.



We decided to file for bankruptcy. I feel so bad, so guilty, but I cant afford to pay everything. I have a lot of paperwork I need to get together and start the process. Since we decided I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I can sleep too now!

Eid is coming! we are planning to go to Six Flags to the Muslim day. It will be fun I think, I have never been before, but I think it will be nice to be with all the other Muslims and get the halal food there and pay jummah with everybody. Also not to feel weird as the only women there with a scarf on, the place will be full of women with scarves on!