Ready for Ramadan?

The birthday was nice yesterday, I made a cake a vanilla and raspberry cake and decorated it. Then I made yellow cake cupcakes and bought food coloring markers the kids used to decorate the cupcakes, the loved doing that!

Today I am off to do Ramadan shopping! I love ramadan, I love fasting, I love watching travi prayers from Mecca and all the Muslims praying together.
Today I have to make chicken meat chapli kabas and freeze them, make samosas and freeze them and stock up of dates, plus all the regular grocery. I only go grocery shopping once a week, so I have to get enough to cover all the days.

These roza’s are going to be looong, and I am going to training on the second day of Ramadan, but Allah will give me strength. It usually takes about 3 days and then the body gets used to the eating schedule.

I have family in England and their fasting time is so long, they have about 5 hours between opening and closing a fast again, I remember when I was little I asked my mom and dad why they were not eating dinner and we were eating, they told me they could only eat when it gets dark! I was so struck by what that meant that I still remember it!.
Anyway, off to the stores we go, wish me luck! it will take w while and the stores will be busy with other Muslim shoppers doing the same thing as me!


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