Hijab and Interviewing

I am unemployed.

I have been unemployed since 2009. For a couple of years I decided to stay at home and look after the kids, then we went to Pakistan for a wedding and I was able to go since I didnt have to worry about vacation time. Now I need a job!

I worked in corporate America before and loved it and want to go back there. I have been going to numerous interviews and I thought I would have a job by now. However there is an issue, my hijab. I have been wearing the hijab for about one year now and love to wear it. I go to these interviews and the interviewer gives me the “look” the look that means “what is that on her head!”

I am nice in the  interviews I try to kill them with kindness, but it doesn’t work. I get the rejection email soon after. I am so frustrated. I did get two jobs and would you believe they are in big retail stores! I was surprised that they would hire me and then put me on the shop floor to show all customers there is a muslim working here, I thought they would want be hidden somewhere like in an office in corporate America! The retail jobs also pay a lot, lot less than the office jobs.

I get very down and I cant find the motivation to look for a job sometimes. I know everything happens for a reason, maybe there is a bigger plan for me from God soon, but when?


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