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Kids fasting?

Do your kids fast? my son is 11 and last year he fasted about 5 days. I think he did well. This year I am hoping he will do more. He has the summer off from school so he cant use the usual excuse of not having energy for school because of fasting.

Last year on his first fast we ordered pizza for him to make it easier for him. This time I might do that again. The other guy is only 6 but he wants to follow whatever big brother does. So I told him to do small fasts from breakfast to lunch, from lunch to dinner! . He was so happy that he will do three fasts a day while we only do one!


Ready for Ramadan?

The birthday was nice yesterday, I made a cake a vanilla and raspberry cake and decorated it. Then I made yellow cake cupcakes and bought food coloring markers the kids used to decorate the cupcakes, the loved doing that!

Today I am off to do Ramadan shopping! I love ramadan, I love fasting, I love watching travi prayers from Mecca and all the Muslims praying together.
Today I have to make chicken meat chapli kabas and freeze them, make samosas and freeze them and stock up of dates, plus all the regular grocery. I only go grocery shopping once a week, so I have to get enough to cover all the days.

These roza’s are going to be looong, and I am going to training on the second day of Ramadan, but Allah will give me strength. It usually takes about 3 days and then the body gets used to the eating schedule.

I have family in England and their fasting time is so long, they have about 5 hours between opening and closing a fast again, I remember when I was little I asked my mom and dad why they were not eating dinner and we were eating, they told me they could only eat when it gets dark! I was so struck by what that meant that I still remember it!.
Anyway, off to the stores we go, wish me luck! it will take w while and the stores will be busy with other Muslim shoppers doing the same thing as me!

Happy Birthday to me!

It my birthday! I had to take a moment to count how many years I am! then with relief realized I am not too old!! I cant beleive I have accopmlished so much in the time I have been here! I thanks Allah for everything and ask Allah to make the next year just as great!
What will I be doing? I am baking a cake for my nephew, his birthday is on the same day and then I am making cupcakes which the kids will decorate for me and then eat all that sugar after dinner with all my family!
My gifts? I bought clothes from Macy last week so that was my gift to myself and I don’t expect anything else.

Hijab and Interviewing

I am unemployed.

I have been unemployed since 2009. For a couple of years I decided to stay at home and look after the kids, then we went to Pakistan for a wedding and I was able to go since I didnt have to worry about vacation time. Now I need a job!

I worked in corporate America before and loved it and want to go back there. I have been going to numerous interviews and I thought I would have a job by now. However there is an issue, my hijab. I have been wearing the hijab for about one year now and love to wear it. I go to these interviews and the interviewer gives me the “look” the look that means “what is that on her head!”

I am nice in the  interviews I try to kill them with kindness, but it doesn’t work. I get the rejection email soon after. I am so frustrated. I did get two jobs and would you believe they are in big retail stores! I was surprised that they would hire me and then put me on the shop floor to show all customers there is a muslim working here, I thought they would want be hidden somewhere like in an office in corporate America! The retail jobs also pay a lot, lot less than the office jobs.

I get very down and I cant find the motivation to look for a job sometimes. I know everything happens for a reason, maybe there is a bigger plan for me from God soon, but when?

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