I am back!

So much has changed since I last posted.

Both my MIL and FIL who lived with us passed away. MIL passed in her home country, FIL came to live with us and then passed away about a month ago. DH has had a hard few years. It was very hard to manage, but we did and now that time is done.

Kids are older, have a 10 year old and a 15 year old, teenager! jeez! he drives me nuts!

I am now going to start posting more often, this is a nice release of feelings for me.


Islamic Center and Friends

How was your week? Mine was good. I had a good week. There were some things that came up that threw me for a loop but I think overall it was a good week.
I had some health issues, but I am better now. I think I am in the middle of an awakening that I need to improve my health. I need to lose weight and get off my butt and do it! I have spent the past 12 years of my life trying to lose weight, and I can’t spend all my life doing this. I need to do it once and for all and move on. Inshallah I will this time. I am doing Weight Watchers and it is a good plan so far and weight is coming off. I also enjoy exercising and I am making it a priority in my life now which is helping.
I went to a function at my Islamic center on Friday and it was so nice to meet my friends and to laugh and have some fun with good Muslim women! I have met so many Muslim women who are vindictive, evil and nasty. So it was a nice change to meet people who are genuinely happy to see me and want to know about me and meet me. I thank God I met these ladies and I hope to continue to have them in my life.
We pray, we eat and we seem to have honest intentions. I have not had a fight with any of these ladies and I think it is because they are of the same mindset. We all have the same intentions. I was sitting in the room with them all and I felt blessed to be there and blessed to know them. I feel peace while with them and non of the thoughts of being inadequate or of trying to please. I love our center it is so multicultural, so diverse and really the heart of our community. I am trying to get more and more involved and to help out more. I have joined commiittees there and I love working with the sisters there. It is a great group!

Health Scare!

I mean to update and write something for this blog and I get so busy! Have to schedule some time everyday I think.
Well, Dh is back! He was overseas for a month or so and he is back! I am so happy, and it seems when he went we couldn’t stand each other! We were fighting all the time. It seems the time away from each other has calmed us both down and we have a fresh start! So it is going great having him at home.
However, I got sick! I got a weird pain in my foot, went to the doctor and found out I have gout! I thought old people only got gout! I had to google what it is! Anyway, I got medications and was high as a kite for a couple of days. I realized I can’t be on medication, I have to control it by diet and the reason I got it was due to a high protein diet I was doing for weight loss. So now I can’t eat high protein, I have to balance the diet! So now I am afraid I will gain weight! This sucks. How do I lose the weight and stay healthy. Why is it so hard? Why can’t I lose weight easily?

How was your week?

How was your week?
Mine was good, I am on weight watchers and I have started it again! I did it last year and was doing well, then fell off the wagon and regained all I had lost!. Now I am recommitted and I want to start again. I have been doing well with eating healthy and I am working out every night too. It is easier since DH is not here; I have the time to work out and not have to cook. He will be back soon and then it will be a test as to whether I can manage kids, cooking and working out too.
I also changed my praying habits. I was not praying 5 times a day, unfortunately I still am not praying five times a day. I aim to one day. Right now I have decreased my Koran reading time and increased my prayer time. It made more sense since reading Koran isn’t a fard and praying is. I have a habit of praying all the prayers at the end of the day and I know that is wrong and IA I will change that. I just have to start making it a habit.
I have also made more of an effort to go to the Islamic center. It is a great community; I have made a lot of friends. I like that since I don’t have any family here, my friends are my family. I have gotten involved in a couple of committees and my kids are now loving to go there and meet people and that is when I wanted. We helped in Ramadan to feed people at iftar and my kids had so much fun, I was so happy, they are now eagerly waiting for Ramadan!
Life seems to be going well, thank Allah just counting the days for DH to come back!


May 2012, wow what a long time since I last wrote anything on this blog. Live got very busy and I was unable to log on!
Where do I start….well, all the family moved out! Yeah! Actually I was very upset they moved. I was always thinking this is my family and we will live together and achieve success all together. However I failed to realize that other people have other intentions. These people wanted to get out of our house and they wanted to make it alone. Not because they thought they could, but because they wanted to keep their success away from me.
In the end the family who lived with us, moved out and hated me, I can’t figure out why, but they did. But my personality is that I will not take bullshit from anybody. I will not be treated badly be somebody and then be nice to them. They can go to hell!
Since they moved, we have cleaned up the house, they all had no respect for the house and they made such a mess! I was always taught to treat other people’s property better than my own. They obviously where not taught that! They made holes in the walls; they never cleaned the bathroom or kitchen. It was disgusting! However, we are now four people in the house and there is peace in our house at last!
I have decided to cut these people from my life, you don’t want to live with me, and you don’t want to talk to me, so why should I associate with you? I don’t understand why if the person is family and they treat you bad you still have to talk to them. That is not a rule I agree with and I don’t do that.
I will try to get back to updated this blog. We have managed to rework our mortgage and will stay int his house, lots of work to do on the place too. Kids are fine, my oldest is getting into the teenager years and is starting to wear me out! All those updates to come soon!